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Namibia is one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring countries in Africa and rates highly on our ‘must visit’ list. It is known for both the luxury bespoke safaris and its dramatic geographical contrast and heart-stopping scenery!

The long western coastline, washed by the cold Atlantic currents, consists of the spectacular Namib Desert with the world’s highest sand dunes that change in colour from white salty sands to blood red.

The Namib runs northward to the barren, hostile, but completely stunning Skeleton Coast where we offer the most amazing privately guided flying safaris, staying in small remote camps where your safari guide in an expert in the geology, fauna and flora that miraculously survives in harsh conditions.

The Zambezi Region (previously called Caprivi) lying on the  north east of Namibia, is also gorgeous and completely different area with regards to the vegetation which is more varied and dense and the wildlife sightings are also good, for example those in the Mahango National Park.  

In the Kunene region (previously called Kaokland), visitors can also meet the local indigenous people – the semi-nomadic Ova Himba who live in deserted and dry lands with their flocks.  Also in the north is the beautiful Popa Falls.  

Another safari includes having your own private safari guide lead you through the spectacular and geologically rich Kaokoland/Damaraland regions, wild camping with a private, tented mobile safari en route, where desert elephant and rhino can occasionally be seen, or stay at a camp with a geologist who explains the tectonic shifting of the plates and the carbon dating of the rocks surrounding the area.

Perhaps go rhino-tracking on-foot, or go out with scientists and learn about the desert dwelling elephant and rhino or spend time amongst local communities, learning about the local tribes.  

For those wanting to see more wildlife, Ethosha National Park encompasses a vast salt pan , home to pelicans and flamingo in the wet season and the surrounding grasslands are a perfect environment for elephant, rhino, lion, bat eared fox, hyena, wildebeest and other plains game.

Further south one can visit a cheetah rehabilitation centre in the central area – highly recommended, and in the famous Sossusvlei - go hot air ballooning across the Namib Dunes at sunrise – in complete silence, just watching the spoor-marks of the springbok and gemsbok – nothing compares to this!

Nearby you can sleep outside in a bedroll on the roof of your cottage and watch the brightest stars and planets. Namibia is one of the top three places in the world for star gazing, seeming so close you are surrounded by a sea of stars.

In the far south of the country, visit the Fish River Canyon, the second largest in the world, on an African walking safari for three to five days.  If culture is your thing, then have a truly authentic experience with the indigenous San people, seeing them hunt and track wildlife. Camel-trek and go on a horse riding safari in the desert. The opportunities are endless!

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Namibia Family Safaris

Namibia is a truly wonderful country in which to take a family on holiday! One of the main reasons is that it offers so much variety – which is the key to any successful holiday! In fact, whilst one can see the wildlife in Etosha, Namibia is better known for its beauty, its rugged scenery, its deserts and the wonderful things one can do on the coast. A family holiday in Namibia really does offer something for everyone.
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126-namibia-1-1 lead walking and camping.jpg

Walking and camping in Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon was formed around 650 million years ago and lies in southern Namibia. This extraordinary canyon is the second largest in the world with a depth in places of 550metres; it is around 90 kilometres long and up to 27 kilometres wide.
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Walking Safaris and discovering all about the geology

Walking and learning all about the geology of the country with a top geologist in Damaraland and Kaokoland is both a most rewarding and fascinating experience.
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Horse-riding through the Namib Desert

Namibia is an amazing country to ride in. This is a region that you ride in so much for the wildlife, but quite simply because of the sheer space and freedom that it allows for miles and miles of cantering. We offer riding safaris in the breathtaking Namib Desert, the magnificent Fish River Canyon and in the beautiful and barren Damaraland region – home to the desert dwelling rhino and elephant.
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125-namibia-1-1 Skeleton Coast lead.jpg

The Mysterious and stunning Skeleton Coast

As you fly over the Skeleton Coast, privileged visitors experience not only the magnificent dunes, beaches and salt stretches but when you land and explore by vehicle, you can meet and learn about the OvaHimba tribe. It’s one of the finest experiences in Namibia and the best way to do this is to take a private Skeleton Coast safari, flying with incredibly competent and knowledgeable pilot guides.
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Namibia’s Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park and its stunning landscape is located in the Kunene region of Namibia and was first proclaimed a reserve in 1907, subsequently becoming a national park in 1967. Covering 22,270 square kilometres the park derives its name from the salt pan (4760 square kilometres) that dominates it.
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Learn about cheetah, wild dog and leopard

Visitors to Namibia can see and observe predators in various private wildlife reserves and national parks, especially Cheetah, Wild Dog and Leopard. ‘Africat and Cheetah Conservation’ as well as some private reserves are probably the best in terms of getting up close to the Cheetah – one of the most beautiful of the big cats.
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123-namibia-1-1 rhino tracking lead.jpg

Rhino tracking on foot in Namibia

There are not many countries in Africa where one can go rhino tracking on foot, but happily Namibia offers just that opportunity! Especially with rhino having become so heavily poached for their horns (more than two per day), what was an animal that was perhaps once slightly taken for granted, has now become an icon for most safari goers to see and is now highly endangered.
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132-namibia-1-1 elephants lead.jpg

Follow the lives of the remarkable Namibian desert elephants

Follow the lives of desert elephant through a landscape that seems too harsh to provide enough sustenance to support these magnificent animals, yet it does and they stand out in this environment.
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Private luxury tented safaris in Namibia

If you have ever considered a private safari where you can have a tented camp erected in the wilderness for you and your family and where you can explore the area on foot and by vehicle with expert guides, then doing so in Namibia has to be on your short list.
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118-namibia-1-1 learning their culture.jpg

Visiting the local Ova Himba tribe and learning about their culture

What makes Africa so special is partly her wildlife, partly her scenery and most definitely her people! Especially when they are still so true to their roots and traditions like the Ova Himba tribe in Northern Namibia.
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Hot air ballooning over the Namib Desert at sunrise

Hot air ballooning over the Namib Desert is an absolute must for anyone considering a holiday to Namibia and visiting the Namib Desert. To take to the skies at sunrise in complete silence, except for the occasional blow of the burner is an experience one never forgets.
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Stargazing in the Namib Desert

There is nothing that quite prepares one for the emptiness of the Namib Desert, the hissing silence and finally the bejewelled sky untainted by light pollution. Namibia is known to be one of the very best places in the world for star gazing because the atmosphere over the country is so dry and it has a generally cloudless sky. There is also almost no artificial light pollution.
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See ancient plant species and the desert vegetation of Namibia

Namibia has some of the most extraordinary vegetation, all adapted to harsh desert environments. Due to areas of differing rainfalls and soils, there is a variety of plants from the desert and semi desert vegetation to the subtropical species, but most of the country is covered with savannah and dotted with acacia.
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Heavy-side and dusky dolphins, whale-watching, pelicans and seals

Visitors to Walvis Bay on the Atlantic coast of Namibia can enjoy catamaran and speedboat cruises into the bay to see heavy-side dolphins; passing whales in season and for the lucky ones, mola mola (also known as sun fish) can sometimes be seen.
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